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Canada ESTA Process
February 16, 2017
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March 8, 2017
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E-VISA Canada

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E-VISA Canada Applying For an ETA

An Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA Canada) is mandatory for citizens of visa-exempt countries before you can travel to Canada. It is advisable to apply early in order to give yourself plenty of time before your planned trip – whether for business or tourisme purposes. You will likely require this document if you are in transit going from one country to another through Canada. Check with the appropriate immigration and customs authorities for advice.

There are several ways which you can apply for your document. Through the mail, through the internet using the online form, or by having someone represent you and apply on your behalf. Once you have been approved, your travel document is valid for the length of your passport and will allow you to stay for a maximum of six months per time. Final decisions on the length of your stay are always at the discretion of the border security agents upon your arrival at customs but are generally a formality. If you have a legitimate purpose for visiting and can support yourself during your stay you are the most likely to receive the maximum allowed time when you visit.

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To make your application go smoothly, it is a good idea to have the following items at hand whether you are filling in your application by hand or over the internet.

– Passport
– Method of payment
– Instructions (help document)
– Stable internet connection and time necessary to complete the application
– Any supporting information that you may require

Whether you are using a paper form or the online site, you are required to pay for your application when you send it. Read the help document carefully for payment options if you are mailing your paperwork so that you can send the correct amount of money in the appropriate currency. If you have applied via the website you will be instantly emailed a confirmation that your application has been received. At this time, you may be sent an additional email to verify that your application was approved or a letter requesting more information. You will be given the appropriate instructions to submit any additional documents as necessary. Online processing times are generally quicker than via mail. If you know that you have a VISA exemption situation check to see what documents you do need to travel and enter customs.

 E-Visa for Canada for you upon completion of your application

Situations, where additional information is required, should present no cause for alarm. This can occur if you plan a long stay in the country or if you are visiting for business reasons. The immigration officials want to know that your plans are lawful and you do not intend to overstay or perform any activities which you are not permitted while visiting Canada. If you can prove that you will be able to leave the country in case of an emergency at home or at the end of your stay, demonstrate that you understand the costs and have the funds for your business or tourism activities, and present the correct paperwork for your intentions, an E-Visa for Canada will soon be ready for you upon completion of your application!